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4-15-10 "Rose Guardian '10" Hotwash, Las Vegas Shooting

C3 Meeting Summary, 4-15-10 (PDF) "Rose Guardian '10" Exercise and AAR

10-30-08 Vital Records Management and Recovery

NARA Vital Records Management (PPT) Damaged Records Handout (PDF)

7-31-08 Cascadia Federal '08 Earthquake Tabletop Exercise preview, training modules

C3 Meeting Summary, 7-31-08 (PDF) Selling your COOP Plan to Staff (PPT)
Addressing Special Needs Populations (PPT) Public Affairs in a Crisis (PPT)

7-19-07 COOP/Emergency Prep meeting explores NSPD-51, HSPD-20

OICP/EPC Meeting Summary, 7-19-07 (PDF) Emergency Preparedness, Layne Frambes (PPT)
NSPD-51, HSPD-20 Pan Flu Implementation Strategy Update

1-18-07 Pandemic Flu Tabletop Exercise

Special guest Dr. JD Malone of the Pacific NW National Laboratory in Washington opened with some fascinating background into the nature of pandemic flu, the research being done to combat it and several preventative methods. Matthew Smith from FEMA then facilitated the scenarios and points of discussion, which delved into everything from evaluating planning assumptions to how agencies return to normal operations once the pandemic is actually over. Some experts predict that absenteeism rates could be as high as 30 - 40% during the peak of an outbreak.

Pan Flu TTX Exercise Summary (PDF) WHO+Federal Stages of Pandemic Response (PDF)
Dr. JD Malone's Presentation (PPT) Pandemic Flu Planning Assumptions (PDF)
Draft Player Handbook, TTX Exercise (PDF) OPM Pandemic Guidance 9-1-06 (PPT)


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