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Resilience or Resiliency (noun) - able to recover quickly from misfortune; a human ability to recover quickly from disruptive change, or misfortune without being overwhelmed or acting in dysfunctional or harmful ways.

“Great workshop! It was very motivating.”

“This was a good, short kick in the pants to move forward with my life.”

“… beyond team building, teaching resiliency is the next most beneficial skill for both our personal and professional selves.” 

Next session:  March 5, 2015 - Portland

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What does resiliency mean to you? Let the Oregon Federal Executive Board (FEB) help you discover your inner strength.  Dr. Al Siebert, founder and director of The Resiliency Center of Portland (, was internationally recognized for his research into the inner nature of highly resilient survivors.  His book, "The Resiliency Advantage," won the Independent Publisher's 2006 Best Self Help Book Award.  Dr. Seibert taught management psychology of Portland State University for over thirty years while conducting his resiliency research.

The Oregon FEB has taken the lessons from "The Resiliency Advantage," and with training directly from The Resiliency Center, developed a workshop that will help you better navigate the storms of our constantly and more rapidly changing world.  The FEB will lead you through the five levels of resiliency and the personal characteristics that contribute to greater resilience.  You'll also discover that resilience is a skill anyone can learn and improve.

The Oregon FEB will host this workshop at your agency, at no cost to you. The preferred class time is 2 hours 15 minutes and the number of participants is 20-30. 

The workshop is a combination of personal experience, best practices sharing from the book and practical exercises.  Participants will also receive a copy of Dr. Siebert's book, which will be used for reference during the class.  In these challenging times, being more resilient has never been more relevant!

To schedule a Resiliency Workshop: Contact Jeff Sargent, Oregon FEB, at / 503.326.3030