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Shared Neutrals Cadre Call

  • Call-in Only United States (map)

 Shared Neutrals Cadre Call Agenda

Call-in Only!

Email Joyce Hamilla at for dial-in instructions

  • Need to identify Subcommittee scribe

  • New program Virtual Intern

  • Transition to Joyce as Program Coordinator

    • Formalizing information management & business practices

    • Cleaning up Trello & Website

      • What are the most current versions of reference documents, intake documents, checklists, SOPs, etc?

  • Mediator Interviews

    • Identify Responsibilities who will take on the roles below? Who will do the interviews?

    • Pre-crafted Question Development

    • Materials Preparation

    • Criteria Development

    • Notes

    • Arrangement/Logistics

  • Agency Information Resource Document

    • What categories of information should be there? Access instructions, alternate POCs, room information, etc

    • Joyce will compile questionnaire and document

  • Upcoming Annual Training

    • Catering requests/ideas

    • Discussion topics

      • EEO Trends/changes (who would present this?)

      • Team building (need creative ideas to make this fun/substantive)

      • Strategic Visioning/Planning

        • Assets and Opportunities

        • Threats and Challenges

        • Who are we?

        • What do we do?

        • Who would lead this?