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SYNCHRONICITY: The Art & Science of Peak Productivity

  • Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building 1220 SW 3rd Ave Portland United States (map)

Synchronicity is a departure from traditional views of getting things done. Too often, the emphasis is on the list—tracking tasks, and keeping details on a calendar or in a smartphone. But the most productive people operate with a different perspective and belief system. They know when to do what—aligning different activities with their peak or plateaus during the day: TIMING IS EVERYTHING. In this program, you will better understand your chronotype—your circadian rhythm that reveals the time where you peak or plateau, so you can capitalize on your strengths, and schedule tasks around your daily rhythms. You will also understand the psychology of peak productivity, and how your mindset and skillset can be used most productively.   

In order to register, please contact (323) 833-9933 or directly.