Learn everything you need to know about retirement as a federal employee from nationally recognized instructors.

The Oregon Federal Executive Board offers retirement seminars throughout the year, ideal for people who plan to retire within ten years but helpful for all federal employees at any point in their service. Get a comprehensive explanation of federal retirement benefits from our experienced cadre, may of whom are themselves retired federal HR managers and know federal retirement better than anyone else out there. Our instructors are experts who exclusively focus on teaching retirement. They do not work for financial service companies or other organizations that may have an interest in marketing their financial products.

Click on a date to register for the seminar (this will take you away from oregonfeb.us to our training registration platform). Unless otherwise indicated, seminars listed below meet between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm at the Gus Solomon Court House Room 101 (Lobby), 620 SW Main, Portland, OR 97205.

2019-2020 FERS Seminars

September 18 2019 (waitlist full!)
October 23 2019 November 6 2019 (John Day, OR)
November 13 2019 February 12 2020
March 2 2020 April 15 2020 (Vancouver, WA)
June 22 2020
July 22 2020
August 17 2020
September 16 2020 October 14 2020 (Vancouver WA)
November 4 2020

2019-2020 CSRS Seminars

November 6 2019 (John Day, OR) June 23 2020

2019-2020 LEO/Fire Seminars

November 5 2019 (John Day, OR)
February 13 2020

Closed Agency-Specific Retirement Seminars

USACE-Only Seminar in John Day (7 Nov 2019)

  • Contact Nikki Buchanan (Ariana.N.Buchanan@usace.army.mil or 541-739-1102) for more information.

If you are unable to attend one of these Retirement Planning Seminars, you may find some preliminary information on this Office of Personnel Management video, "Your Federal Retirement Annuity".


Retirement Seminar FAQ

Should I register for a FERS or CSRS seminar?

If you started work in the federal government after 1987, you most likely should attend a seminar for the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). If you were employed in federal service prior to 1987, you may be under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS). If you’re not sure which retirement system you fall under, contact your HR manager. You can also read more about FERS and CSRS on OPM’s website.

How much does a seminar cost?

All 2019 Retirement Seminars in the Portland metro area are $135.00 for federal employees and $75 for non-federal spouses, and outside the Portland Metro area are $150 for federal employees and $75 for non-federal spouses. Most agencies will pay for your registration fee, so be sure to check with your agency before registering for a seminar.

Can I request a seminar in my location?

The majority of retirement seminars are held in Portland, Oregon, at the Gus J. Solomon Courthouse, but select seminars are held throughout Oregon and SW Washington. If you’d like to request a seminar in your location or for your agency, please contact execdir@oregonfeb.us.